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An ISO 9001-2008 certified IT service provider in India, that delivers high performing business solutions to companies around the world.

Since 1996 we have successfully developed and delivered projects to customers in India, Switzerland, Middle East, UK, and USA.

We take pride in that we are trusted as a reliable offshore development company by many other software companies. Our time-bound commitment to deliver quality software and support services ensures long lasting relationship.
Years of experience in the global delivery & support models gives us acumen in the following areas:

Be it Windows, Web or Database Application, Web Design or Application maintenance our expert team of Software Engineers provides the right solution.

Meticulous study of the system and processes of the client help us deliver customized solutions that are reliable, fast and error-free, so that customers have an enhanced business experience.

- Development of IT systems using technologies like C# .Net,   VB .Net , J2EE,  Delphi and databases SQL Server, Oracle,   MS Access, InterBase
- Conversion from Delphi, VB, C++ to .Net or J2EE platforms
- Maintenance of Oracle/Sqlserver Database systems
Sector-wise product range
Construction Management Software -
a multi-lingual IT solution for the construction sector with a package of 12 modules. The software assists planning, estimation, project control & monitoring, measurement & invoicing, resource analysis, documentation management and office administration.

Apt for not-for-profit/ Micro finance Institutions engaged in community development with a package of six modules - client management, credit management, micro-credit transaction, portfolio management, MIS and documentation, office administration.

Health care
Apt for not-for-profit and mid-sized health clinics for managing the patients records, drug stocks, fleet management, and office administration.

Research tool - Health care
A data analyzer in the clinical research of drugs.

Project Management
A customized project management tool to allocate task, manage resources and for tracking the progress at work.

Commodity Trading System
For the firms engaged in commodity trading.

Inventory Management
For Warehouse management the management of stocks, purchase and issue.

New initiative

Mobile Applications
A project offering mobile applications that are highly user friendly and affordable aimed at serving different communities with the purpose of disseminating timely information.